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The first round of the Britney Spears Tournament: 30 Videos for 30 Years is well under way, and we asked celebrity blogger and Britney mega-fan Perez Hilton to weigh in on some of the closest competitions in the tournament: 

"Sometimes" vs. "My Prerogative"
While "Sometimes" — as one of Britney's oldest videos — holds a special place in the hearts of her fans, Perez thinks "My Prerogative" has the advantage in this matchup. "In terms of video-making, spectacle, big grandiosity, 'My Prerogative' feels like a much larger to-do," Perez said. "If I was to pick a winner between these two, I would go with 'My Prerogative.' "
"Lucky" vs. "Boys"
"I am not a fan of the 'Boys' music video," Perez admitted of the clip, featuring Pharrell Williams and Mike Myers as Austin Powers. "To me, the competition between that and 'Lucky' is easy. 'Lucky' all the way.
"It's such a classic Britney video," Perez said about the clip, featuring Britney's movie-star alter-ego (in the pre-"Crossroads" world). "She looks so beautiful in it! It's from the golden era of Britney — those first few years where she was pretty much untouchable."
"I Wanna Go" vs. "Criminal"
Perez echoed other Britney experts' surprise that Britney's latest video, "Criminal," is significantly pulling ahead of "I Wanna Go."
"I think that 'I Wanna Go' is one of Britney's all-time best videos," Perez said. "She looked amazing in it, it's fun, it feels different for her, and she had never done a video quite like that before."
As for "Criminal," Perez shook his head. "I like the 'Criminal' video; I don't love it. I was also distracted and slightly unhappy with the casting of her boyfriend [Jason Trawick] in it."

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