Femme Fatale memang terbukti BEST ALBUM dari queen of pop Britney Spears. Berikut ini kutipan pendapat para ahli musik mengenai album terbaru yang rilis 29 Maret 2011 yang sangat dance oriented ini !!!

* Entertainment Weekly’s Music Mix :
“We here at EW are waiting for the full, mastered versions of everything before we weigh in too much, but I can say this: This album is already rocking my world, based on what we’ve heard.”

* Digital Spy
“Despite the album’s well-worn producers and slightly obvious theme, the production is polished, intriguing and – best of all – fun.”

* OK!
“We struggled to keep our feet still as we were played the beat-pumping, poptastic track Gasoline (we’re predicting this one will soar up the charts), which was produced by super-producers Dr. Luke and Benny Bianco. Next up we heard the pop princess’ only mid-tempo song on the album, “Criminal,” which had remnants of Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” and is guaranteed to have one of those videos that just embodies the song.”

* PopJustice
“From what we’ve heard from this album (which is the whole thing, bar deluxe edition bonus tracks) and from what we’ve heard of the Lady Gaga album, they are entirely different bodies of work with entirely different influences and objectives from two entirely different artists at entirely different stages in their respective careers. Between them they offer a fantastic account of pop music in 2011 and should be viewed as complementary, not contradictory. There is room for both. Let’s all just try to get along.”

* Rollingstone
Femme Fatale may be Britney's best album; certainly it's her strangest. She's an adventures.

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