Pixie Lott Talks Britney

Pixie Lott Talks Britney
If Pixie Lott weren't a pop star, she reckons she'd have found another way to end up on stage.

'When I was growing up I read Britney Spears' and Mariah Carey's biographies,' she tells us.
'I just wanted to see how they did it because I was so eager to get into the biz.'
Pixie, 20, was totally in awe when she got to meet Mariah.

'She had a party at Jalouse nightclub in London and I kind of welled up a bit and had to hold it back,' she recalls.
'I shook her hand and said: "I'm a really big fan! It's so nice to meet
you," and she said [puts on a breathy American accent]: "Oh, nice to
meet you, too. I need to go to the bathroom."
'So it was a brief encounter.'
Read the full interview with Pixie Lott in Now magazine dated 17 October 2011 - out now!

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