Britney Criminal #Review

Britney Criminal #Review
‘Criminal’ is Britney Spears‘ latest ‘Femme Fatale’ single. It’s the comeback album’s  fourth single overall and it’s a bit of a departure for Brit, where she employs odd instruments that are rarely found in the pop music landscape.
Just like Gwen Stefani yodeled and sampled ‘The Sound of Music’ in ‘Wind it Up’ from ‘The Sweet Escape’ a few years back, there’s a flute that asserts itself in ‘Criminal’ and creates the central melody of the song. Only Brit can make a flute sound sexy. Seriously, few pop stars can pull off a flute and Brit does it with ease.
‘Criminal’ could very well be an autobiographical song for Brit Brit, which makes us anxious to see the video, which she is shooting in the UK.
Brit’s voice is heavily auto-tuned and studio-treated, as she delivers her lines in a monotone, robotic fashion. It’s almost as though she is devoid of emotion, trying to convince herself that getting tangled up with a “criminal” isn’t a bad idea. We don’t think she means a literal criminal, either. Read between the lines; the message is there. She likes bad boys.
However, Brit also makes no apologies for being in love with a dude who is no good for her. She sings, “But mama I’m in love with a criminal / And this type of love / Isn’t rational / It’s physical / Mama please don’t cry / I will be alright.” Is she singing about her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, who many felt was with Brit for her fame and her wealth? Could be! It wouldn’t be the strangest thing in the world.
She makes loving a criminal sound so in vogue. (PopCrush).

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