Ke$ha Will Make Appearance at FFT

The singer revealed she would love to support the pop princess during her shows but for now she is simply trying to attend one of her gigs.
The 21-year-old, who is set to play British music festival Glastonbury this weekend, explained that the two stars are never usually in the same country, let alone the same city.
"I really hope we can make it work,” she said during a recent interview when asked if touring with Britney would be a possibility. “I know people who saw some early previews of Britney's show and said it was amazing - so I can't wait to go myself. If we’re ever in the same city at the same time then I’ll totally crash her tour!"
Ke$ha, who has enjoyed chart success with hits such as party anthem Tik Tok, has written music for other artists, including Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.
She explained what it is like to write for someone else and revealed that the most personal song she has ever written is The Harold Song.
“It’s very different. I enjoy it. I like being able to put my brain into other people’s brain. When I’m writing for myself it's really personal and very, very honest. When I’m writing for other people, I try to put myself in their shoes,” Ke$ha added. “I have never written such an intimate song as The Harold Song so I’m really proud of that one. I always like to talk sh*t and have my bad ass front, but that song is very genuine and very honest and very vulnerable. I think that's one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. Playing it live can be hard to sing because it’s so real.” (musicrooms.net)

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