Britney Still Google+ QUEEN

Britney Still Google+ QUEEN
Our Queen Britney is the first artist to reach two million followers on Google+ - that's a huge social-media milestone. And, being as she had one million followers just seven months ago, that means she's been quietly totting up 30,000 friends per day!

For those who aren't really savvy with newbie social media site Google+, perhaps the more traditional stats will help make things clear; 17.3 million Facebook friends and 13.2 million Twitter followers helps prove that Britney is pretty damn popular.

However, Britney will be well aware that her reign as social media supreme could be over very soon; President Barack Obama recently joined Google+ and is working the site to his benefit, even going one step further than Britney by using Hangout, the online video chat service.
Regardless of the future, a big congrats are in order; well done for breaking the ice in the social media circus, Britney!

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