Britney Spears Inspires Katy Price's Novel

Britney Spears Inspires Katy Price's Novel
Katie Price has said that Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue have been the inspiration behind the heroine of her novels. The former glamour model's bestsellers feature the rise and falls of pop singer, Eden, who fights her way back to the top of the pop industry after suffering a series of setbacks.

Katie Price told The Sun that she has used her own experiences of being a showbiz icon to provide inspiration for many of the plotlines. She explained: "I like all my novels to have a bit of me in them but I also like to keep people guessing - 'Who could that be?' I think that's what makes them successful.
"Eden falls in love easily and boyfriends do kiss-and-tells on her. That obviously makes people think of me but there is a bit of Britney and Kylie in her too."

Katie insisted that she is closely involved with the development of the ghost-written novels. She said: "Unlike lots of other celebrities, I've never lied about the fact that I don't physically write my books but I do sit down with the author, Rebecca Farnworth, and come up with all the plots. 

"This time The X Factor was on, so we started the book off with that in mind, plus Britney was trying to make a comeback so it fitted the plot." She added: "After I've come up with the plot, I start to design the cover. I like two-tone colours because they look good on the bookshelf and help it to sell. "Then I buy an outfit to match and start promoting it."

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