Britney Sings Live on FemmeFataleTour

Britney Sings Live at FemmeFataleTour
Of course, many fans attending arena shows like this don’t care if the show is lip synced as long as it entertains. (Many enjoyed the heck out of the Circus tour, even as the spectacle dwarfed the performer.) So what’s in store this time around? Yesterday Extra previewed the costumes of some of the “femme fatale” personae Britney will adopt during the show, including “Egypt-inspired” gold chainmail and a “Marilyn moment” nodding to the iconic Seven Year Itch shot. The show promises pyrotechnics and an action-adventure plot that, in its leapfrogging of spaces and times, sounds something like Britney Spears as Carmen Sandiego. A JustJared report from the dress rehearsal found the show as spectacular and entertaining as Perez Hilton. On this front, at least, the show, by all accounts, will be an enormous success. (VH1)

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