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- GagafeatBritney di Trending Topic pagi ini! Berita bualan ato beneran? Ayo cek ke TKP.... 
- Legendary Britney
It would be an explosion, a revolutionary music in pop music history! GagafeatBritney

GagafeatBritney HELL NO, BritfeatXtina HELL YES. Gaga's fans are rude, discriminative and borderline psychotic, no thankyou, GURLBYE.

- Candy Warhol ☮
Do y'all really think that "the album of the generation" is gonna have a Britney track?! B u l l s h i t. GagaFeatBritney 

- Kontes Dance Britney Fans di GMA !

Click here to upload your dance video tunggu kejutan di Good Morning America tanggal 29 Maret nanti, dan video kalian yang manakah bakal ditayangin LIVE!

- Ayo bikin mosaik kreatif buat parfum Radiance di Facebook
Show your radiance and join Britney's radiance mosaic on Facebook now!

- "Till The World Ends" telah direview oleh Jon Dolan dari majalah Rollingstones
Britney Spears "Till the World Ends," a "ginormously pumping uber-Euro uber-disco" track penned by Ke$ha with Max Martin and Dr. Luke.

- Selena Gomez tribute idolanya, Britney Spears!
Her favorite star of all time, Britney Spears. The entertainer definitely has all the music of Britney and even remembered her first album and concert experience was a Spears moment. “We are going to do a Britney tribute,” says Gomez reflecting on her musical idol.
(Radio Interview bareng Ryam Seacrest)

- FUSE TV babak ke 2 Britney VS Fergie
VOTE disini :

- Pengen nge-dapetin CD Pack artis favorit kamu?
Hadiahnya : 
+ Britney Spears' 'Femme Fatale',
+ Avril Lavigne's 'Goodbye Lullaby'
+ Alexis Jordan's self-titled album.
Click here to win this incredible CD prize pack!

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