The Wanted Talks Britney

The Wanted Talks Britney
It's only been 17 months since The Wanted first stormed the charts with 'All Time Low', and they show no signs of slowing down.
They've since managed to notch up another chart-topping hit, perform on The X Factor twice, recieve a Brit nomination, and be asked to support the one and only Britney Spears on one of her UK tour dates.
With their new album Battleground due out on Monday, we spoke to the band's youngest member Nathan Sykes about their new material, their career highlights so far, and rising to fame without the help of a talent show...

Q: So your new album is out next week, how does it differ from the first one?
It's a lot more mature I think. The first one was just a normal sort of pop album. But this one, we've tried to be a bit more mature with our writing as we got to write a lot of the songs ourselves. We've had more control on this album. The record label were like, 'Oh yeah, here's our idea of what the album should be', and we kinda just ripped it up in front of them, like 'No!'. And we've tried to experiment with stuff on this album, to see if we could something totally different. There's a track called 'I'll Be Your Strength' that starts off like a really nice piano ballad and by the end it's got a big dance beat behind it, which is quite different. So hopefully it works and everyone likes it.
Q: Are there any other particular favourites of yours that we should look out for?
Look out for our new single, 'Warzone'. We're just finalising the video, just putting all the finishing touches to it now. It's got like a dark piano over the top, and it's got a dubstep beat underneath it which is really cool. We've also got a track called 'Last To Know', which is quite cool as well. That's like the big ballad on the album, it's a really cool track.
Q: You're supporting Britney Spears at the weekend, how did that come about?
She just literally asked us! We went along to her gig at Wembley, and her manager showed Britney our music and asked if we should support her next week and she was like 'Yeah, go for it!'. That's gonna be a lot of fun. And we were chuffed to bits when she tweeted a pic as well!
Q: How about your own tour, has preparation kicked off for that yet?
We were meant to start preparing for it a long time ago, but we haven't.We've been like 'we'll find the time, we'll find the time'... it's just been so busy. We will get there. It's gonna be quite dark... not with the lighting, cos you won't be able to see it, but it'll good to have a really good concept

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