11.11.11 Brit Lucky Day

11.11.11 Brit Lucky Day
11.11.11 Britney FAN To-Do-Lists 
Yess, Britney's Femme Fatale reenters Billboard 200 album at #153 this week,
keep on downloading!

Pre-order Femme Fatale Tour DVD/Blu-Ray 

Criminal is very weak, it drops to #72 on iTunes today! Download Criminal
Single/Video by now

Request Britney Spears songs espc. Criminal on AT40

Britney is nominated Album of the Year at People Choice Awards 2012, make sure she'll win!

Britney versus Coldplay on Fuse TV, we need your vote to boost Britney for a WIN!

#MakeAWish #SupportBritney #SaveBritney #HelpBritney 
11.11.11 Day 11.11.11 Hours!

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