Britney New Album?

Britney New Album?
The internet had a mini explosion today when rumors arose that Britney Spears was working with the up-and-coming artist Marina and the Diamonds.
Before I go any further, do you know who Marina and the Diamonds is?
First of Marina and the Diamonds is one person, but that one person does have a band. Second, Marina is a singer from the UK whose musical style ranges from ballads to more up-tempo, New Wave songs.
Still with me?
Anyways, the rumors were ignited by the following tweet posted by Marina:
Could such a big celebrity like Britney actually be doing a collaboration with such newcomer?
Unfortunately, as it turns out the tweet was just a joke.
Producers associated with Marina tweeted to clarify the situation:
Obviously Britney’s a little preoccupied right now with her personal life, namely her current wedding engagement.
Who would you like to see Britney Spears collaborate with on her next album?

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