Destinee & Paris Talks Britney

Destinee & Paris Talks Britney
Destinee and Paris Monroe aren't typical teenagers preoccupied with homecoming, high school dances and weekly football games. The two siblings, former members of Clique Girlz, are living a real teenage dream: touring internationally as Destinee & Paris, readying their debut album — and warming up for Britney Spears

Following a brief Stateside stint with Spears this past August, the sisters remained one of the pop diva's opening acts for the European leg of the Femme Fatale Tour. That road trip wraps November 9 in Lisbon, Portugal, before traveling to the United Arab Emirates, South America, Mexico and Puerto Rico. "I can't even explain how amazing it is to be onstage every night and sharing it with a legend like Britney," Destinee, 17, told MTV News on Tuesday via Skype from Zurich, Switzerland. "I mean, she's been in this business forever and has really made a name for herself. To be performing before her is crazy. If somebody said to me 10 years ago that this is what we'd be doing — opening for Britney Spears — I'd be like, 'OK, you're crazy.' "

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-born Monroe sisters, who also appeared as backup singers on the 10th season of "American Idol," released their debut single "True Love" via Streamline/ Interscope Records in August. They admit that the one thing they still need to do while touring with Spears is sit down for a genuine conversation with the nearly 30-year-old singer. "Everything's been so busy for us, so we haven't gotten to really talk [to Britney]," said Paris, 15. "But we have said hi [to her] a few times and she's just a sweetheart."
So if they do get a chance for some one-on-one time with Spears, what would they ask their idol? "I think that our number-one question would probably be how to deal with growing up in this industry," Paris said. "If there's anyone who knows the most about that, it's obviously Britney. She's had an amazing, long, successful career, so I think that would be the first thing we would talk to her about."

The blond sisters, who toured with the Jonas Brothers and the Backstreet Boys while still with the Clique Girlz, are planning to focus on their still-untitled debut album once the tour ends. "The album is still in the final stages of being worked out," Paris said. "We released the single and we're performing most of the songs on tour. I think once we're off tour, we're probably going to record some more songs, tweak the album a little more, make the final touches and release it. We want it to be really special."(MTV.com)

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