Brit's Bikini Bod Secret

Brit's Bikini Bod Secret
Femme Fatale tour now in full swing, tour trainer and Britney’s diet guru, Derek DeGrazio has been working his magic on the mother-of-two. “He’s on tour with her right through,” an insider tells Starlounge. “He’s so dedicated and a complete pro. She loves having him with her. “It’s not just about his amazingly fun and intensive workouts, but also the motivation, support and the diet he advises her to follow. He’s a godsend.”

Britney is no stranger to hard work and previously spent months training with an LA based trainer to get into shape for her big pop comeback. The singer hit the gym three days a week where she would do three sets of 12 exercises. “She loved the dance element where she was rhythmically challenged and this made her sweat,” adds our insider. “She’s now dancing and rehearsing a lot on tour obviously, so this training with Derek is very much up her street and had taken her body further.” “She follows much more intense workouts now, for an hour or an hour and a half, which are a mix of strength training and cardio work. They have music blaring, which she loves.”

The star’s new instructor is a highly rated trainer from Los Angeles fitness institution Barry’s Bootcamp whose clients include the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. The company’s huge success is said to be due to its camp-meets-dance-party fitness style and interval training sessions which switch from jogging to sprinting. “The trick with this method is to shock the body and change things up a lot,” reveals our insider. “Clients do things like bicep curls, shoulder presses and tricep extensions. Alternating lunges are all added in from two minutes at a time. It’s quick, fun and effective which is what Britney needed.”

As well as putting her through her paces with workouts, Derek has also overhauled Britney’s diet and is making sure she eats plenty of protein and vegetables, and healthier snacks like celery and almond butter. “It’s full on for six days and then she has a day off. She’s consuming around 1500 calories per day,” adds our insider. “Britney looks better than ever thanks to Derek and her own dedication.”

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