Britney Spears Top Twitter Trends

Britney Spears Top Twitter Trends
According to the company, one billion tweets are sent every five days. That staggering number means everybody has talking a lot about the top ten people during the first half of 2011.
  1. Rebecca Black - pop singer
  2. Femme Fatale - newly-released Britney Spears album
  3. Charlie Sheen - actor
  4. #tigerblood - hashtag popularized by Charlie Sheen
  5. Nate Dogg - rapper
  6. Anderson Silva - Brazilian mixed martial artist
  7. Tom & Jerry - famous cartoon
  8. Mumford & Sons - British rock band
  9. Bieber alert - referring to artist Justin Bieber
  10. Queen Gaga - referring to artist Lady Gaga

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