Glee : Britney 2.0 Review

On Glee’s second episode of the season, the group did a mash up of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber songs. This episode started off with Brittany explaining how she is the cheer captain then broke into a mash up of Britney Spears’ song “Hold it against me.”
Brittany was then told by Coach Sylvester she is off the cheer squad because her grades are not as good as they should be to stay on an extracurricular activity. She seems not that bothered by it, but she is compulsively eating, now.
Rachel and Kurt are now looking for a place to live together in New York. Kurt says he is going to apply to go to NYADA for the second semester. In the meanwhile, he is going to find a job while Rachel is still dealing with her dance professor “hating” her. Rachel now understands why she is the way she is. Kurt apparently knew of who she was. Her outbreak at a performance because an audience member had his cell phone go off during her show, explains why she is the way she is.
During a mash up of Britney Spears’ song “Boys” and Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend,” Brittany just got up and almost shaved her head. Mr. Schuester thinks she may be having a little trouble with accepting the fact she got held back a year because her grades were not that good. She then went out of the classroom to her locker and was bombarded by paparazzi and reenacted how Spears once went haywire on paparazzi with an umbrella.
In the meanwhile, Rachel’s professor thinks she does not have the sex appeal to be in a tango piece. She then did her rendition of Spears’ song “Oops! I did it again.” Still, her professor was not impressed and Rachel told her off about how she has a washed up career, so her professor kicked her out of the class.
Marley’s struggle with having her mother as the lunch lady continues. Students are still making fun of her, and each time she says “That’s my mother!”, yet they still don’t shut up. Her possible new beau, Jake, stood up for her and started a fight with the two guys who made fun of her mother this time.
Not entirely sure if it was a good idea for Rachel to go back and apologize for what she said because her professor does not believe in second chances. Under the school policy, Rachel only gets a warning and is back in the class.
After the pep rally at McKinley high, which Brittany was eating cheese puffs on stage during her performance, Mr. Schuester yelled at the Glee Club for lip-syncing. Lip-syncing is never accepted in Glee Club, and because the whole group was looking to help Brittany out because she is having issues lately, she walked out and quit Glee Club.
Brittany then went back in to try to get her spot back on the cheer squad and since her grades are getting back to where they should be, Ms. Sylvester let her back in. Also, Jake is now in the Glee Club, after he has a new girlfriend who made it known to Marley that she won’t be getting her man anytime soon.
Rachel is still having trouble missing Finn, and having her new possible crush on Brody there; it may be hard for her to miss Finn as much as she did.
The episode next week features actress, Sarah Jessica Parker in it. Things may start heating up between Rachel and Brody as well as student elections are underway! They may get a little more out of control than what was supposed to happen.

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