Britney's TweetGasm!

Pre-show tweet :
“Jason just took this photo from the stage. I can’t wait to get out there!! R U ready Mexico City!!!”
Britney's TweetGasm!
Daddy and niece special gifts tweet!
“Taking your advice and going to get my dad some football tickets, thinking the LSU bowl game.” “How cute is Gwen’s new clothes line http://bit.ly/tJ1wOn Going to pick out some outfits for my nieces!”
Britney's TweetGasm!
 Happy 40th Bday, Jason! Tweet @famosdotcom and wish him one, too!

BritDAY Digital BASH celebration tweet : (Britney also got phone call from JB & GaGa) :)
@ParisHilton Thanks Paris for the video! Your new car is so Hot! Xxoo
@VictoriaJustice Thanks Victoria. Stirring up some old memories. Forgot that I did that! Xxoo
@ddlovato Thanks Demi. Feels like forever ago since we met at the show! Xxoo
@nicolerichie Thanks Nicole. Means a lot to me! Xxoo
@TheEllenShow Thanks Ellensogenerous! Xxoo
@keshasuxx Thanks Miss Kesha. Just watched this in bed w my boys. Now I have to explain what Fuc#ing means!! U rock Xxoo
@LanceBass Thank u Lance for taking the time to make the video. You knew me when I was celebrating my 18th! Wow. Feels like yesterday. Xxoo
@SabiSoundz Thanks Sabi for the video. The boys said oohh Sabi said a bad word! Love it. Xxoo
@heidiklum Such a nice surprise! Thank you Heidi for the shout out. So sweet. Xxoo
@DJPaulyD Thank you Pauly! See you soon. Xxoo
@TheRealXtina Thank you girl. Max is so cute! Miss you. Xxoo
@KimKardashian Thank you so much Kim for your kind words and wishes! Luv u too! Xxoo
@justinbieber Awww. So cute to think of me. Thank you! Xxoo
@rihanna Thank you so much. Love the new album! Xxoo
@MileyCyrus Thanks Miley. Wish you all the best! Xxoo
@YO_RANDYJACKSON Thanks Dog! So sweet and unexpected. Xxoo
@RyanSeacrest Thank you Ryan. Next step for you are extensions! Xxoo
@iamwill Will.I.AM thanks. I’m so proud of you too! Its nice to see your face on the screen every night! Xxoo
@katyperry Thank you Katy! So nice of you to think of me. Xxoo
Thanks y’all, now go back to studying! LOL youtu.be/LilT3XErEVw
Awww, u cute ladies from Hong Kong! youtu.be/CIJ5hNrfZjY
This was my boys favorite! youtu.be/ihp2NzeDyVI
Having an incredible birthday – thanks to my fans for all the amazing wishes & videos! Still trying to watch all of them. I love all of u!!!

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