Pixie Lott Talks Britney Again!

Pixie Lott Talks Britney Again!

UK POP sensation Pixie Lott's cover-girl looks helped her score a clutch of No1s and sell more than a million albums. But she has vowed she won't ditch her clean-cut, girl-next-door image to follow the triple X-rated path of her American rivals. Like Rihanna and Britney Spears, Pixie has gone from girl to woman under the spotlight — but she won't be borrowing any of their hardcore dance moves or lyrics. 

Pixie says: "My first album ended up selling a million copies by the end, which is what we want with this album. "It's not always about first-week sales — it's about longevity. I don't want to stop making music." The beauty born in Bromley, Kent, who has had five consecutive top 20 singles, looks to Britney for lessons in her own career. 

She admires the Womanizer singer but, like many after seeing her recent live efforts, Pixie thinks her days of performing are numbered. With a slight wince, Pixie says: "Did you see her live the last time? Yeah... "She will always be one of the greatest pop stars, I've always thought that. Her videos, oh my God, Toxic and Slave For You, they're amazing and up there with the best. "I love to dance and Britney has always been such an amazing dancer. But it's such a shame what has happened. "I don't know the situation but guess it's down to her background and who's around her. "My family wouldn't let it happen. Mum and Dad are the first to give me home truths."

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