Lee Steps was Britney Tabloid EX!

Lee Steps was Britney Tabloid EX!
STEPS star Lee Latchford-Evans has revealed that the US media once believed he was dating Britney Spears. The singer said that Steps have fond memories of touring with Spears in the US, where the press once reported the pair were an item.

Latchford-Evans told Digital Spy: "I've got a photo on my wall signed from Britney saying, 'Thanks for being my tabloid boyfriend'. I was in the press and there were reports that we were apparently dating.

"Those were great memories. We even got to hang out with her parents and we made friends with her manager."  

Lisa Scott-Lee added: "We met her when she was 15 and was just starting. It was before she released 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. We toured the whole of America and Canada with her, so we'll always have a soft spot for Britney!

"It was a great opportunity - we covered so many states in a short amount of time. Every day we woke up somewhere different. We covered most of the country in about three months."

Latchford-Evans continued: "I remember one show in Texas where the stage was built over a field of cattle. It was crazy; everywhere was so different."

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