DJ Talks B In The Mix Vol. 2

DJ Talks B In The Mix Vol. 2
Britney Spears' latest release, B in the Mix: The Remixes Vol. 2, which dropped Tuesday (October 11), a group of dance music's biggest names have put their stamp on some of the singer's most-popular tunes from the past few years.  Chopped, screwed and broken down, the songs reach new extremes. "It's cool that big mainstream pop artists let their music be remixed by people in the underground, like me," Kaskade, who contributed his version of "Gimme More," told MTV News. "It shines a new light on the EDM scene and how far it can reach. I give Britney props for taking chances and letting dance music be heard by the masses."

Kaskade is one of many EDM artists who appear on the album. He and other DJs who contributed say it's been a gratifying experience. "She's been a pop icon for so long. I appreciate a lot of the values she brings to music," Cobra Starship's Alex Suarez explained. "She sings really well. I appreciate her talents. I definitely respect what she does and why she's successful. "I'm impressed people stick by her, and when I got the opportunity, I was like, 'Wow.' Britney Spears is huge. She's a huge name worldwide.' " Suarez remixed "Till the World Ends" and said he didn't want to go too far off course for his take on the Femme Fatale single. "I thought the original was really good to begin with," he explained. "I thought I wanted to make this as special as I can. I tried to stick true to the structure of the song. "Sometimes, you get remixes and they chop it up and mix it around, which is cool. The thing with a Britney Spears remix is people like to sing along."

Kaskade explained that he was "excited at the chance to get to mess with" "Gimme More," and he wanted to make sure his remix worked with his musical style. "I wanted to make sure that it would be something that would eventually fit into my live set," he said. "That is the true test for me: Taking a huge pop vocal and making it work with my music can be a little tricky, but I find the challenge fun. I really dig what Brit does, and this song is awesome, so I was really excited."

The album is a blend of old and new remixes: EDM superstar Tiësto, who banked his "Piece of Me" remix ages before, said it's cool to be included. "That already happened like four or five years ago. That remix is pretty old, but it's funny they put it on the album 'cause it's a timeless remix," Tiësto told MTV News. "I was always proud of that remix, because the opinions about Britney are different, but what I did with that remix is pretty special. The melody, the atmosphere is totally different than the original. For me, it's always been a special remix. I'm glad they added that on the album.

The track list also includes "Radar" (Tonal Club Remix), "Womanizer" (Benny Benassi Extended), "Circus" (Linus Loves Remix), "If U Seek Amy" (U-Tern Remix), "3" (Manhattan Clique Club Remix), "I Wanna Go" (Gareth Emery Remix) and "Criminal" (Radio Mix).(MTV.com)

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