Tiesto Talks Britney

I know that your remix of 'Piece of Me' is on the new Britney Spears remix record. Tell me a little bit about that and how you think the experimental electronic music that's been on the last few Britney records has helped push this genre into the mainstream.

The remix of 'Piece of Me' I did four years ago. But it still sounds great, it's a great remix, I love that one. The melody I put in there is really special. It's funny to see that they put it on her mix compilation now, but it sounds kind of timeless. I'm pretty proud of that. I recently just finished a remix for Coldplay, as well.

But the whole Britney thing and also Lady Gaga, it all helps -- and David Guetta, as well. They make awareness for dance music bigger in the U.S. And a lot of people start with that kind of music and then go, "What other electronic arts are out there?" And then they come to people like me or Diplo or Skrillex or Deadmau5.

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