FFT Europe Will Be Most Entertaining!

FFT Europe Will Be Most Entertaining!
Britney Spears has promised fans that her latest tour will be one of her most entertaining shows till date.

The ‘Criminal’ singer will kick off her ‘Femme Fatale’ tour in St Petersburg, Russia, on September 22 and finish it in Lisbon, Portugal on November 9.

Spears is delighted with her group of backing dancers and says people will also be entertained by her “six or seven costume changes.”

“The show is really fun for me, it’s one of the most entertaining shows that I’ve ever done,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling on ITV1’s ‘This Morning.’

“There are six or seven costume changes, the dancers are just on fire and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a fun show.

“We have someone to get the dancers ready during the costume changes and someone to do my clothes so that we can be ready to go again straight away,” the singer stated.

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