Britney's Dad Getting Richer!

Britney's Dad Getting Richer!
Britney Spears's dad Jamie Spears is expected to make over $1,000,000 from his daughter's tour, according to TMZ. Manager Larry Rudolph wants to give 2% of his 10% cut of his share from the Femme Fatale Tour to Jamie. He has not made any additional money so far from serving as the tour manager. 

Sources report that Jamie handles 200-400 calls a day, directs security, negotiated Brit's Live Nation deal, and handles the finances. The image of a nearly 30-year-old pop star with her father literally managing her life is an uncomfortable one.

While Britney Spears seems to be regaining a level of personal and professional stability, the machine becomes apparent when a court takes Britney Spears, the brand, and divorces it from the person.
While audiences have noted that Britney Spears the artist broke with Britney Spears the human years ago, the image of a puppeteer father makes one wonder if, as an infamous viral video suggested, everyone should just leave Britney alone.

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